Indian Gold Quarter

$2.5 Gold Quarter Eagle Indian Head Ex Jewelry (Random Year)

$2.5 Gold Quarter Eagle Indian Head Ex Jewelry (Random Year)
$2.5 Gold Quarter Eagle Indian Head Ex Jewelry (Random Year)

$2.5 Gold Quarter Eagle Indian Head Ex Jewelry (Random Year)
90% & 40% US Silver Coins. Although this is a short lived series, it has gained importance among numismatists for its novelty minting process. This coin is distinctive because it has a sunken or incused design instead of being raised or in relief. The Quarter Eagle was minted from 1908­-1929 with several pauses in between amounting to being minted for only 13 years in total.

The coin was designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, a sculptor from Boston. Due to its rarity, age, and historical value, these coins have great investment and collectible appeal.

Eligible for Precious Metal IRA. Obverse: Displays a leftward facing portrait of realistic-­looking male Native American wearing a headdress in the center. The date, 13 stars, and the motto Liberty form a circle around this central image. Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt. Reverse: Features a majestic bald eagle perched on a bunch of arrows and holding an olive branch in its talon.

Inscriptions: "United States of America", "E Pluribus Unum", "In God We Trust" and the denomination 2 1/2 Dollars. Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt. Minted from 1908-­1929, dates and mint mark will be chosen randomly based on availability.

Mint issue from the following mints: Philadelphia or Denver. Individual coins will come in protective plastic flips. Multiples of 50 will come in plastic tubes. Pre­-1933 gold coins have a huge demand because of their historical significance. One of the only two coins to have unique sunken or incused design. One of the smallest series in US coinage history with only 15 different date and mint combinations makes it easier to complete a set. Great price performance track records. Jewelry grade coins although show some wear, previous use in jewelry, or signs of cleaning, this is however the most affordable way to add pre-­1933 coins to your investment portfolio. These coins are made from.

Helps diversify your investment portfolio. Coins from the 19th century had reigned supreme for more than 60 years without going through much change. It was President Theodore Roosevelt's initiative to beautify the American coins that gave the world some of the most beautiful and desired coins.

Theodore Roosevelt felt that the coins that were in use at that time were hideous and in order to give a makeover to the American coins, he commissioned the popular sculptor of that time Augustus Saint-­Gaudens to come up with some beautiful designs for the four American coins; the Double Eagle, Eagle, Half Eagle, and Quarter Eagle. Augustus Saint­-Guadens designs for the Double Eagle and Eagle was received with a lot of praise and adulation from the public.

However, the untimely death of Augusts Saint-­Gaudens the designs for the Half Eagle and Quarter Eagle were not completed. While the mint officials were of the notion that a scaled down image of the Saint­-Gaudens' Double Eagle design will be used on the Half and Quarter Eagles, President Theodore Roosevelt had other plans. A friend of the president, Dr. William Sturgis Bigelow who had great appreciation for the Saint­Gaudens' design of Double Eagle, wrote to Theodore Roosevelt appreciating the coin and that he had been working with a Boston Sculptor, Bela Lyon Pratt on a new idea of incused or sunken minting process that allowed coins to be struck in high relief while also making it easily stackable and also protect the coin's design from wear and tear. The President who did not fear with experimentation expressed interest in this idea. The incused design seemed practical for commerce and Bela Pratt had a similar design for both. The obverse of the coin featured a detailed image of a male Native American.

Wearing a headdress and this image is encircled by date, thirteen stars, and the motto LIBERTY. On the reverse, has the design of a American Bald Eagle perched on a bunch of arrows holding an. Olive branch in his talons symbolizing preparedness and peace. The inscriptions include United S.

Tates of America", "E Pluribus Unum", "In God We Trust" and the denomination "2 1? Upon the coin's release in November 1908, it was received with mixed reviews. Although many liked the innovative style of the coin and the artistic quality, many also found fault in the design. The incusing of the design was an unfamiliar thing at that time and stirred criticism. A numismatist from Philadelphia, Samuel Chapman criticized in a letter to Theodore Roosevelt that the indentations in the coins would harbor dirt and germs and that the coin can be easily counterfeited by carving a disc metal, that it could not be stacked easily, and that the coin was not even good looking. However, this claim did not alter President Theodore Roosevelt's faith in the coin even a bit and today this is one of the most sought after coin. These Indian Head Eagles were struck from 1908 through 1915, then the production was suspended for a decade. Again the coins were struck from 1925 to 1929.

This is one of the smallest series with just 15 different date and mint combinations; 12 issue from Philadelphia Mint and 3 issue from Denver Mint. Its rarity, age, and historical significance with a great track record on price performance have made it a sought after coin by investors and collectors alike. By purchasing from Bullion Exchanges, you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Policies. Bullion Exchanges reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order reviewed by our Compliance Team, which are deemed questionable or have increasing potential risk for being fraudulent. All customers are subject to a review at our own discretion, in which additional information, identification and/or documentation, may be requested.

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  • Year: 1908 - 1929
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Coin: US Pre-1933 Gold Bullion
  • Precious Metal Content: .

    $2.5 Gold Quarter Eagle Indian Head Ex Jewelry (Random Year)